Ebook Still Does Not Equal Special Device

I don’t care how many device manufactures attempt to sell me a special device for reading electronic books; I’m not buying. SmallTimes offers yet another article pondering the future of ebook devices, with focus on Sony and Panasonic. The future of ebook devices – there isn’t one. Tablet PC users don’t need a special device. Laptop users don’t need a special device. With 640×480 screens becoming standard on Pocket PCs as the year goes on, PDA users definitely don’t need a special device. It’s the content, stupid.

Update 2012 June 01: In the years since I originally posted this, SmallTimes appears to have become electroiq.com and the article I originally referenced is no longer available. It’s also worth noting that I’ve now owned four different Kindles and prefer them to reading on most other devices, which indicates that I was apparently wrong. 😉

By Jake

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