(Soda)pop Psychology

Can you really tell a person by their shopping basket? I’m just back from a Midnight run to the local supermarket. What do I shop for in the late hours of the evening? Tonight’s basket consisted of allergy medicine, dental floss, charcoal, lighter fluid, orange juice, Pepsi, and microwave popcorn. A casual observer might take me for an itchy-eyed, thirsty, oral hygiene freak planning to attempt an experiment in roasting bagged kernels over an open flame. The woman behind me stacked a frozen Mexican dinner, chips, a soda, and a magazine on the conveyor. Probably a bachelorette headed for post-work decompression on the couch at home, since I didn’t notice a ring on her finger. On the other hand, maybe she’s married to a geek and she’s helping him refuel.

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By Jake

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