Imation USB 2.0 Swivel Flash Drive

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With 16MB drives available as the toy surprise in cereal boxes (okay, maybe I’m stretching, but they are definitely logo adorned freebies from ego-inflated marketers), it’s a wonder everyone doesn’t use them. I received a free USB drive at a conference in April and now I can’t live without it. For some reason, I find dumping files to a portable drive considerably more efficient than network browsing. Imation brings the spirit of 3M innovation to their line of USB Swivel drives, building in a cover to protect the very important USB interface. I have no idea where the cover for my drive disappeared to (it’s made by Lexar).
Nothing kills a USB port faster than pocket lint. The Imation form factor is a stroke of inventive genius. Sizes range from 128MB to 1GB. Imation offers factory-direct pricing beating competing retail outlets.

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