Move Me – Makes Purchasing A New Computer Easy!

Re-installing applications when you purchase a new computer is a major pain. What if you could simply move all your programs from your old computer to the new computer? Now you can!

Move Me transfers any installed applications from the old PC to the new PC, in addition to retaining all your Windows preferences.

 Download Move Me and start transferring your applications.

Why not use the Windows XP Files and Settings Transfer Wizard?

The Files and Settings Transfer Wizard moves Internet Explorer settings, Outlook Express data, the Desktop, display settings, and Internet connection information.

Move Me transfers all those settings and it moves all installed applications. This means your time isn’t wasted reinstalling all your programs on the new machine.

 Download Move Me to relocate your programs.

How does Move Me Work?

The application is installed on both the old machine and the new machine. A wizard asks a series of questions to determine what will be transferred to the new machine, and then you sit back and let Move Me do all the work.

The easiest way to transfer files from your old computer to a new computer is by connecting both machines to a network hub or router. If you don’t already have a router, you can usually find them on sale for under $50, which will provide the added benefit of securing your network.

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Fastest Way to Setup Your New PC

Move Me is the fastest way to move applications between two computers and maintain important settings. In most cases, applications will transfer between any two versions of Windows, making the upgrade path smooth. Your new computer will feel like home as soon as you start using it. I’ve wasted hours looking for the CD to re-install an important application in the past. I’ll never do that again. Move Me saves time and eliminates the frustration of setting up your new computer.

Order Move Me now Order Move Me for $39.95!

Also available for business site license.

Move Me transfers applications between hard drives too.

If you purchase a bigger better hard drive, Move Me will transfer programs to the new hard drive, eliminating the need to re-install them, which frees up space on the old drive. The new drive must be a bootable partition in order to perform the transfer. This transfer does require some complicated cable switching, but is possible with some patience and the online FAQ as your guide.