Reduce Wrinkles and Stop Sweating

Botox, the designer chemical used to make the faces of aging stars look baby-butt smooth, is now approved to eliminate the sweat rings under your arms.

During the course of a three year study, researchers looked at the overall safety, effectiveness of sweat reduction, and associated costs of Botox injections on people with axillary hyperhidrosis (which is the fancy name for sweating). 193 people, who also participated in an earlier one-year clinical trial of Botox, were offered the option to continue treatment every eight weeks if symptoms persisted throughout this follow-up study.

Researchers found Botox continued to be effective with repeated treatment. After the initial treatment, 82% of participants had up to a 75% reduction in sweat production in four weeks after the injection. Four weeks after the second and third treatments, 79% of participants experienced the same degree of relief. 94% of patients required no more than four Botox injections to control excessive sweating during the two-year study.

No more raising your hand if you’re sure; just lift your arm and insert a needle.

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