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My home PC configuration includes hundreds of gigabytes of storage space. Somehow I’m always on the verge of needing to add yet another drive. The properties window for a hard drive tells me how much space is gone, but what is actually eating up all that space? Is there anything I can get rid of? With Disk Triage, now I know. It quickly analyzes any directory or hard drive providing detailed information about the contents of the drive. A tree view of report functions delivers information drill down from a macro overview to a micro level with tons of detail. Graphs and charts offer visual indications of drive space allocation at a level most I.T. administrators pay millions of dollars to receive. Sizing comparison tools provide accurate information of space allocation changes over time. Reports are output in a variety of common formats, including Excel, XML, and .BMP image files. Directory dating offers at-a-glance detail about file creation and modification dates. Printable reports are searchable in preview mode. The enterprise version allows system administrators to manage multiple drives across networks and manage user access with detailed permission data. Take back control of your hard drive space with all the information you need to find out where it went.