PentaSuite is a category defying collection of tools designed to simplify a massive number of computing tasks. Digital photography buffs will love the Exif viewer and photo album generator. Batch renaming and conversion of images speed transformations of large photo collections. If you do a ton of document delivery, like I do, a right-click-to-PDF option makes file conversions a snap, complete with built-in support for password protection and encryption. Archive data using CD and DVD burning utilities, with support for compression and encryption built-in. An FTP client makes file transfer a snap. Use PGP to keep private information away from prying eyes. What ties all of these features together is integrated support for zip compression every step of the way. PentaZip, the file compression tool in this versatile bundle, supports archives larger than 4GB, handles strong encryption with ease, and builds self-extracting zip files on command. A scripting engine automates virtually any of these tasks you can think of, making PentaSuite a useful tool even when you aren’t sitting at your desk.