PhotoImpact XL offers the most impressive auto-correction features I’ve ever used in the built-in ExpressFix wizard. I processed the same photo using three other photo editing apps; PhotoImpact XL did the best job hands down! Combine the speed of automatic photo enhancement with a comprehensive set of tools for fine tuning images manually and PhotoImpact XL is an editing tool with enough power for virtually any image processing geek. Built-in camera management takes photos from your digital camera, quickly transferring them to your PC for immediate editing. Publish photos to the Web, burn slideshows, or send via e-mail directly from PhotoImpact XL. A slick set of Web graphics tools further rounds out the package, including a huge library of custom effects aimed at turning your Web designs into enviable works of creative genius. An additional $200 in software is bundled free, including Photo Explorer 8, GIF Animator 5, COOL 360, PhotoImpact Album XL, and a 45-minute video tutorial.

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