Just A Geek

Author: Wil Wheaton
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 059600768X
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Just A Geek I’m not a Trekkie; never have been, never will be. I occasionally enjoy re-runs of TNG and classic Star Trek, but I don’t closely follow the stories, so I never formulated a love or hate relationship with Wesley Crusher. I’m also not one of the zillions of readers who regularly follow Wil Wheaton’s online adventures. I preface my review of Just A Geek with all the disclaimers, because I’m about to rave about how great the book is and I don’t want to come off like some drooling fanboy (the term Wil uses to describe himself in his first encounter with William Shatner). What amazes me most about reading Just A Geek is I find myself wanting to know Wil Wheaton. The story is a memoir-style look at the life of a former child actor, turned Enterprise Ensign, turned struggling actor, turned outstanding writer. Wil opens the kimono, revealing an inner struggle to define himself when he no longer wants to be defined by Star Trek. For the readers of his blog, I’m sure this story is mostly known. For the rest of us, Wil takes us on an adventure through life as he lives it, learning Web programming, taking care of step kids, and struggling to pay the bills, just like everyone else in the world. Just A Geek is by far the most entertaining and unabashedly honest memoirs I’ve ever read. Wil Wheaton pulls no punches, creates a character you can’t help but love (himself), and leaves you wanting to read more online.