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AccountLogon – Superior Password Management!

I visit dozens of sites daily. Many of them require a username and password. I once used RoboForm to manage my passwords and form field data. Then I discovered AccountLogon, which neatly organizes my password information and protects it with better encryption.

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AccountLogon offers secure storage of Web site username and password data, providing easy one-click access to every Web site you visit.

AccountLogon Features

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In addition to Internet passwords, manage phone passwords, bank account details, and other secure information, locked safely behind the AccountLogon encryption.

Configure AccountLogon with just a few clicks.

If most of your form-filling requirements involve logging into Web sites, AccountLogon will save you countless keystrokes by doing the typing for you. Built-in security features keep your private information secret, without inconveniencing you in the process.

 Download the FREE version of AccountLogon now

then  manage hundreds of passwords with AccountLogon!

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