Creating a Smart Playlist of Recently Added Music in iTunes

I add new tracks to my iPod on an almost daily basis but I don’t always remember the artist name or song names to quickly find my newest stuff. How do I quickly find the music I added in the last couple days without needing to remember every track?

The solution is to create a Smart Playlist in iTunes. Smart Playlists let you quickly configure groups of songs based on pre-selected criteria with dynamically updating contents that change as files in your music library are added or removed. In this case you want a Smart Playlist based on the Date Added.

Date Added lets you configure playlists with songs added on a specific date, between range of dates, before a specific date, any tracks added not within a given time period, or in the case of getting the most recent files, Date Added is in the last 1 days.

Create a new Smart Playlist by choosing New Smart Playlist from the File Menu (Ctrl+Alt+N on Windows or Cmd+Option+N on OS X)

Select Date Added is in the last 1 days

Click OK and name the Smart Playlist

The next time you sync with your iPod, the playlist is automatically added. Tomorrow, the list will be refreshed with the latest batch of files added to your music library.

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