Infamous Icons

As of Friday, I’ll be a Comcast cable Internet customer. PMC Movies, the free portable movie download site I created for folks with a Portable Media Center, is eagerly waiting the arrival of the connection, so I can add more titles to the database. The latest batch of material on the site includes several Bela Lugosi titles, some Roger Corman classics that predate his name being slapped on every low budget film disaster ever released, and the infamous Reefer Madness. The total number of movies live on the site now tops 30, with another 15 waiting for my home Internet connection to do a batch upload. All of this stuff is in the public domain, so there’s no issue with regard to copyright.
We are continuing to make little updates all over the sites associated with MediaBlab. Our new logo, which initially appeared in the newsletter from Monday, was created by Jono at Iconaholic (at the time known as Foood’s Icons). Steve over at TweakXP turned me on to the Foood Icons and I’m finding them a welcome addition to my desktop. If you’ve never checked out his amazing collection of icon replacements for Windows XP, take a look. He’s got alternatives for applications, folders, system items, file types, and just about anything else you could possibly want. For personal use, the icons cost nothing. Download and enjoy.
Top Drawer Downloads is getting a massive overhaul. I initially launched the site as sort of an ugly step sister to the newsletter, a place to find some of the downloads I mention in the newsletter without the overwhelming presence of ads on many of the other download sites. Paul is helping me clean the site up, add better information, and ultimately give it a cosmetic overhaul to make the site infinitely more useful. The software listed on Top Drawer is a blend of both shareware and freeware, with prices noted where appropriate.
And of course, the forums continue to offer an outlet to get free stuff. It’s like having Christmas 12 months a year whether you celebrate it or not. The latest winners include forum members jbyers2, dbuth, sorahl, Billl, and xanarchyx. Each of them receives a free copy of Easy Digital Home Movies and 10 free songs from MSN Music. I’m giving away 5 more copies of Easy Digital Home Movies in December too. To have a shot at getting a copy, just make a post in the forums between now and the end of the month.