Barca (Calendar, Email, Planner)

Barca seamlessly integrates an e-mail program, a personal information manager, and a project planner. Aimed at the professional and small business market, Barca provides a single interface to manage personal and business information, plan and schedule tasks and appointments, communicate with others, and collaborate on team projects. The e-mail capabilities of Barca have built-in Bayesian spam filters, protects users from viruses and spam, and are not susceptible to the virus vulnerability of Outlook and Outlook Express. Barca is fast, easy to use, scriptable, and flexible. For administrators, moving Barca installation from one computer to another is as simple as copying the install directory, as Barca does not install any DLLs on the user’s computer. Mailboxes are kept in the standard mbox format and address books and filters are in the standard CSV format. You can extend Barca’s functionality With PocoScript, without having to program external DLLs. Save 15% on Barca when you order using coupon code NWE001QO during the checkout process!