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As digital music and movie collections grow, keeping track of the details of the collection becomes a Herculean task. It becomes hard to discover at-a-glance what format a particular audio or video file might be encoded in. Playlists can grow unmanageable with a way to easily find the ones associated with each of the player applications installed on your machine. Keeping a list of what you have on each drive isn’t realistic without software to manage all those media files. Knowing what bitrate various songs and movies are encoded helps decide which version is the one to save or dump, but keeping track becomes a hassle. One of the most common problems is the inevitable creep of duplicate files that find their way into folders you don’t even remember creating. Media Catalog Studio handles all this information overload with ease, providing color-coded reference to each media file type on your system. Detailed graphical reports of file types, encoding, year of release, frequency, albums, artists and genres offer a quick snapshot of your entire digital entertainment collection. This free version of the software is functional for tracking music and movies on up to 5 different drives, which is enough for most users.

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