Mind Design II

Mind Design II: Philosophy, Psychology, and Artificial Intelligence
Edited by John Haugeland
Pages: 488
Find Mind Design II at Amazon. Unfortunatley there is no Kindle version of Mind Design II.
Authors of science fiction have long envisioned a world inhabited by thinking machines. From the clunky humanoid robots of the silent film era to the sleek condescending omniscience of 2001’s HAL, the concept of artificial intelligence has both intrigued and frightened humanity. Mind Design II explores the real world scientific potential of artificial intelligence, and attempts to discover whether or not a machine can implement a theory of mind and intelligence. The book is a series of essays, ranging from an explanation of the Turing-Machine to discussions of connectionism, dynamical systems, and symbolic vs. nonsymbolic models of artificial intelligence. This is certainly not light reading, but is accessible and enlightening for those with an interest in A.I. [Mathew Brady]

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