Commodore 64: 30 Games in One Joystick

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The various Atari game-in-a-joystick releases definitely have a retro nostalgia thing going for them, but I quickly lost interest in most of the games. While I grew up wasting time at friend’s houses playing ColecoVision, Intellivision, and Atari classics, I never grew attached to any of the games. C64 games are a completely different story. For the first time in my gaming experience, games had graphics capable of visual detail and sounds with more depth than tinny blips; I was hooked on Commodore games.
Finally someone brings the C64 experience to a joystick that plugs into your TV. Impossible Mission, Summer and Winter Games are all games that stole hours from my youth. For $20, you can relive all the C64 classics, which to me seems like a bargain.
The full list of games: Championship Wrestling, Cyberdyne Warrior, Cybernoid, Cybernoid II, Eliminator, Excelon, Firelord, Gateway to Apshai, Impossible Mission, Impossible Mission II, Jumpman Jr., Paradroid, Pitstop, Pitstop II, Ranarama Silicon Warrior, Speedball, Summer Games, Supercycle, Sword of Fargoal, Tower Toppler, Uridium, Winter Games, World Karate A, World Karate B, Zynaps, Bull-riding, Flying disc, Sumo-wrestling, Surfing.

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