Easy Wireless Network Management
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Winc allows users of mobile and desktop PCs to not only easily find and connect to 802.11- based wireless networks, but also to manage customized wireless connections in a more efficient way, enjoy improved performance, find support for a wider range of wireless network adapters and more quickly get working with their wireless network of choice.
Winc automatically detects and connects to WiFi networks and stores personalized profiles so that users can automatically connect to their favorite networks without having to reconfigure their settings each time. Winc also allows users to instantly set up ad hoc networks anywhere anytime to share resources (such as a high-speed connection to the Internet) and data within a workgroup – without requiring a wireless access point. It is also the client software required for implementation of AirPatrol’s innovative AirPatrol Enterprise network management and security solution.


  • Detect and Connect to Wireless Networks
  • Easily Assign New WEP Keys
  • Create Preferred Connection Lists
  • Troubleshoot Wireless Connections
  • Quickly Set-up Ad-hoc Wireless Networks
  • Instant Check for Internet Connection

What can WiNc do for you?
Make it easier to find and connect to wireless networks
This can be a challenge using the proprietary wireless network management software that comes with some wireless cards or bundled with 802.11-enabled handheld or notebook computers. WincT makes it easy.
Manage your wireless network connections
AirPatrol’s Winc client automatically detects and connects to 802.11 networks and stores personalized profiles so users can automatically connect to their favorite wireless networks easily – without having to re-configure WEP and connection settings each time.
Collaborate wirelessly
Whether it’s working at a client or supplier’s office for an hour, a day or a week – you can use WincT to quickly create a network to share documents and resources. Winc enables secure, ad-hoc 802.11-based networks to be instantly set-up anywhere, anytime, and enables collaborative work groups to concurrently share and work on documents in real-time without requiring access points. This capability can be used, for example, to enable a group of people to concurrently work on a spreadsheet to prepare a budget; to allow multiple Tablet PC users to share a whiteboard, which could also be simultaneously projected on a board-room screen; or to enable a group of users to concurrently view or work on a PowerPoint presentation using multiple computers.
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