Download QuickZip

A full-featured zip tool is something that really should come with Windows. Why Microsoft or OEMs like Dell and HP haven’t included real support for unzipping files on every machine is a mystery to me. Windows XP includes a compression tool in the operating system, but it’s feature limited to the point where it doesn’t handle most of the compression tasks I want it to. QuickZip supports 44 different compression formats, handles encrypted zip files, includes scripting to support file backups, includes movie and image browsing and includes a slick bookmarking feature for keeping track of zipped files easily. With support for uncompressing .sit files from Mac users and the .rar format popular for compressing video files QuickZip handles virtually any file compression need most people encounter. Searching in archives and virus scanning on extraction improve your ability to stay safe and organized. A mass renaming feature quickly handles file naming issues. All of this in a free package makes QuickZip tough to compete with for all but the industrial strength compression user. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]