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I’ve seen several hardware video DJ consoles designed to make controlling and mixing video tracks in the past, but those are pretty pricey for anyone who is a hobbyist. The hardware generally requires DVD’s that are then ‘scratched’ like a traditional turntablist might do with audio. Neuromixer’s AVmixer Pro brings the concept of video mixing to your PC, allowing you to simultaneously playback two video clips, either in loop or by cross-fading between the two tracks at appropriate points in a performance. The interface makes it easy to zoom in on segments of a particular video, loop a segment or an entire video, adjust playback speed and video appearance and set the whole thing to music. If you want to impress (or annoy) your friends at a party, combining this app with a projector and the Prelinger Archives might be a clever way to pull something off. An option to save your creations means you can practice your video scratching skills in private and save out the results to show off to the world as produced files. If you ever wanted to become a video performance artist on the scale of audio collage masters, Negativland, this is an app you need in your video toolset. Or if you want an easy way to combine two video clips for later use in another project, this is easier than trying to do the same thing in a traditional video editor. Of course, you could just have fun with it. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]