Aeon Flux Movie

From the ‘what were they thinking’ department comes a live action adaptation of the Peter Chung animated series, Aeon Flux. While the story was certainly solid, the artwork in the animated series was one of the major reasons I watched it. A live action version of the series can’t possibly live up to the lofty expectations set by a creative endeavor of this magnitude. It looks like they’ve done some creative stuff in a vain attempt to make Chalize Theron look the part, but I just don’t see it. The disturbingly elongated bodies of the characters in the series don’t translate well to human vessels. Peter Chung did some cool stuff with his part of The Animatrix and the animated Chronicles of Riddick story, Dark Fury, meshing his unique style with each story to create what I find to be a clever approach in each case. The official Aeon Flux movie site is finally starting to tease the details of the upcoming movie release, although the costuming doesn’t strike me as what I would expect, even with more human characters.