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SpeedUpMyPC automatically optimizes the performance of your computer within minutes.

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SpeedUpMyPC fine-tunes your system resources including hardware, system settings and Internet usage to establish peak performance at all times. Your PC becomes instantly faster, cleaner and more stable using SpeedUpMyPC.

It’s difficult to manually configure the dozens of resources and settings required to optimize for speed and power in your PC. SpeedUpMyPC makes it easy to monitor and control computer resources, automatically boosting performance and system stability in minutes without being a Windows Expert.

SpeedUpMyPC provides a comprehensive set of easy-to-use and powerful tools to deliver true value for money:

Smart Computing calls SpeedUpMyPC the product that “addresses some of the flaws that have plagued Windows users for years”, the award winning SpeedUpMyPC is truly performance made easy!

Maximise Hardware Usage for Superior Performance

Fine-tune your computer hardware with SpeedUpMyPC to run at peak efficiency without the headaches of sluggishness, annoying delays and crashes.

Optimise System Settings for Ultimate Speed

Automatically tweak system and internet settings with SpeedUpMyPC to enjoy the true power and speed of your computer.

Monitor Resources and Settings for Preventive Action

By informing you when resources are hitting critical levels, SpeedUpMyPC enables you to take action before your computer crashes or stops responding.

Exceptionally Simple to Use

Whether you are an expert or a novice, SpeedUpMyPC is exceptionally simple to use and does a superb job explaining “the bare essentials” about tweaking your computer for superior performance.

Value for Money

With the full arsenal of heavy-duty tools including anti-crash technology and start-up management, SpeedUpMyPC offers you true value for money.

 Try SpeedUpMyPC free!
 Order SpeedUpMyPC for only $29.95

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