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Eliminate All Tracks of your Internet and Recent File Activity

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Tracks Eraser ProTracks Eraser Pro protects you by cleaning up unwanted history data on your computer. With only one click, Tracks Eraser Pro eliminates the cache, cookies, Website history, autocomplete memory, index.dat from your browser, the Window’s Temp folder data, run history, search history, open/save history, recent documents, and several other potential privacy holes. With Tracks Eraser’s free plugins, you can also erase the history for hundreds of other applications like the playlists of Realplayer, Windows Media Player and QuickTime. Eliminate recent files lists in Office, Acrobat Reader, Winzip and numerous other applications. Tracks Eraser is fully customizable, letting you decide which files and registry entrys to erase. The Tracks Eraser Pro Secure Erasing feature erases files completely, making them impossible to recover.

Tracks Eraser Pro deletes following history data for you:

Tracks Eraser Pro Screen

  • Delete Address bar history of IE, Netscape, AOL, Opera
  • Delete Cookies of IE, Netscape, AOL, Opera
  • Delete Internet cache (temporary Internet files)
  • Delete Internet history files
  • Delete Internet search history
  • Delete history of autocomplete
  • Delete IE plugins (selectable)
  • Delete index.dat file
  • Delete history of start menu run box
  • Delete history of start menu search box 
  • Delete windows temp files
  • Delete history of open/save dialog box 
  • Empty recycle bin

Tracks Eraser Pro’s other great features includes:

Secure Delete–Securely Deleting Files

Certain government agencies claim to have the capability to recover data that has been overwritten as many as 21 times. Secure erasing overwrites the files a configurable number of times, giving you the confidence that once erased by Tracks Eraser Pro, the files will be gone and no one can recover/undelete them.

Custom Erase Item

By customizing your erase options, you control which files are erased from your system more thoroughly

Homepage Protection

Even with software to protect you from spyware, the occasional app may sneak through your defenses. This feature prevents Websites and malware from modifying your homepage

Boss Key

This feature automatically minimizes open browser windows, which can be useful for all kinds of situations.

Free Up Disk Space

Free up valuable hard drive space by eliminating temp files and cached content that gets left behind by software installations, multimedia downloads and Web site visits. You’ll be surprised how much wasted space you will recover.

Clean Free Space

Just because your disk has free space doesn’t mean that space was empty. By cleaning the free space on your hard disk by overwriting every byte of the free space with blank characters, you eliminate the data that previously occupied that space. This makes it more difficult to recover deleted files, which may protect sensitive data like bank information and credit card numbers from accidental discovery by prying eyes.

Erase Scheduling

A Schedule feature lets you choose when to eliminate data. You can start an erase on Windows startup/shutdown, on browser shutdown, or on any specified interval you chose.

Tracks Eraser Pro ScreenStealth Mode

Tracks Eraser Pro runs in the background silently. No one except you will know it’s protecting your privacy.

Test Mode

Test mode shows you what files and registry entries will be erased before they are really erased.

Live Update

Tracks Eraser Pro will notify you when new versions or new plugins are available for download. Download the latest updates and plugins directly in the program.

 Try Tracks Eraser Pro free!
 Order Tracks Eraser Pro for only $29.95