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When your network connection gets slow, is it because of something the cable or DSL provider did or are you bogging down your network connection with too much information? The only way to know how much data is coming and going from your network is to set up monitoring tools to track the data. Windows includes a feature limited network monitor as part of the operating system, but it never provides a clear picture of what’s actually happening on your network. NET Traffic Meter delivers an in-depth look at all the traffic generated by sharing files using BitTorrent, downloading the latest movie trailers, streaming Internet radio, sending email and surfing for the latest apps to enhance your system. Audio alarms and on screen alerts send you warnings when traffic spikes or something on your system changes. These alerts can be an early warning sign that your system may be infected with the latest junk mailing virus or that you are openly sharing a file you never intended to provide for the convenience of everyone on a peer-to-peer network. Get a handle on where the bits and bytes on your system are coming and going. .NET Required. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]

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