Download iTunesRemote

If you’re an iTunes user with two or more machines (one needs to be a Mac) playing back your favorite tracks can be as simple as setting up this remote connection. While it’s already possible to discover the library of iTunes tracks on another machine using existing controls in iTunes, playing those songs back on their home machine by selecting them from the browsing machine is not an option supported by Apple. iTunesRemote solves this problem, giving you remote access to any other iTunes install in your house through the use of client-server technology aimed at making your remote system ready for network browsing and remote playback. The textbook example of this is sitting on your couch with a laptop and not wanting to leave the comfort of your couch to switch tracks on the desktop in the other room. Streaming through those lousy laptop speakers doesn’t seem like a great alternative, so why not play the tracks remotely instead? The server side must run on Mac OS X for this app to work. The program is still a little rough around the edges, but gets the job done. [Windows 2k/XP Mac OS X $0.00]