Download Fwink

With most of the IM clients supporting video messaging, still images snapped at regular intervals seem passe. In general, still snaps still deliver effective updating, without the overhead and complicated router port forwarding involved in some of the video chatting solutions. Stock software shipping with many of the Webcams is still lacking, in my opinion. When I want to take Webcam snaps, I want a simple interface capable of capturing an image and uploading it on an interval defined by me, which Fwink accomplishes quite nicely. A straightforward FTP interface makes uploading images to a server equally easy. A timer will capture images as frequently as every second. Text effects add captions to each uploaded image. An image may be stored locally as well, however the software lacks the capacity to incrementally differentiate images so each new image overwrites the previous one. If you have a “green screen” Fwink can drop out the background color and put you on the beach in some far away place, or add an image watermark to the corner of each shot. The software supports most USB cameras on install, with additional support available for DV cams connected via a video capture card. With a plug-in, additional features are enabled when using an ATI All-in-Wonder remote. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]