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Capturing screenshots is useful for a variety of reasons. Maybe you want to prove you beat your favorite game. If your name got mentioned on a popular Website a screen capture is a quick method of archiving in case the site doesn’t keep an archive forever. Documenting strange error messages for tech support is another valuable reason for using screen capture tools. The primary reason I use screen captures is to show people how to do things with computers. Whatever your reason for taking screen grabs, Screenshot Captor provides some great tools for getting the job done. The smart auto-naming feature works, but it isn’t as smart as I’d like it to be, essentially just naming a series of shots in sequence. Embedded text comments are a nice annotation feature. A slick sidebar in the Screenshot Captor provides quick browsing of previously captured images, which is great if you’re working on a series of captures. It supports multiple monitors. While the editing functions aren’t on par with my favorite capture tool, SnagIt, Screenshot Captor offers many of the advanced features I expect from screen capture solutions and the sidebar image browser is definitely a major plus. Screenshot Captor also happens to be free.