Cute Reminder Pro

Cute Reminder Pro Adds Comfort to the Management of Personal Notes and Reminders
CuteReminder Labs has released the professional edition of Cute Reminder, a Windows 98/ME/2000/XP program for management of personal notes and reminders. The pro version adds a few powerful features to the standard version, yet makes things much simpler.
There are many useful programs, which make the life of a computer user more comfortable. Cute Reminder is committed to facilitate the management of personal notes and reminders and perform frequent actions quickly. Here is an example. When you need to set up a reminder while editing a document, you will accomplish this by clicking only twice: the first click will open a dialog and the second click will set the time and close the dialog. That’s all. You can continue with your editing. To make the procedure simpler, the Professional Edition supports keyboard shortcuts and provides you with a quicker way to perform actions without even touching the mouse.
Another interesting point about reminder software is the way it actually reminds a user. It is extremely annoying when a dialog box appears centered on the screen, alarming the user while he or she is editing an important document. Cute Reminder acts in a different way. A small reminder tab will pop up on the right side of your screen. The tab does not interfere with the current work, so you can continue typing without obstacles. The Professional Edition will activate the document’s window automatically after you have added or deleted a reminder, eliminating the necessity to switch back manually.
Cute Reminder supports history to archive your information and automatically links related events within the archive to facilitate reporting. Here is an example. In case a contractor or colleague did not resolve a question in a timely fashion in spite of your notifications, you can open the history of that particular issue, print out a report, and send it to the party for immediate resolution of the problem. The archive in the Professional Edition is optimized both for performance and capacity. You can filter your data and delete unnecessary information.
Cute Reminder Professional Edition is a personal info management tool, which has a quick and unobtrusive user interface. It does not disturb you even when reminding you. The pro version upgrades the standard one with keyboard shortcuts, extended archive functionality, ordering and filtering capabilities, improved user interface, and more. You need only two clicks to set up a reminder and only one click to delete or postpone it. You can customize the application using skins and plenty of other available options.
Cute Reminder Professional Edition costs $39.95(US). The trial version is available at