Download RoamDrive
Gmail and Hotmail/MSN are both changing the online storage landscape with increased storage capacities associated with mail accounts. While it doesn’t always make sense to mail yourself a large file attachment, making use of 2GB of free space is a convenient way to keep non-private information accessible from anywhere in the world. If you encrypt files ahead of time, you could probably store private information in your Gmail account as well. Hotmail/MSN support only works with a premium account, while Gmail just works. Depending on configuration settings, you can automatically connect to the online storage on Windows Startup and partition some of the space to prevent completely filling your account. .NET is required. The roam drive interface does display banner ads on the bottom of the screen, which is potentially annoying but doesn’t make the service unusable. An ad-free pro version is expected in the future. Thanks to David for the tip. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]