Auto Backup Software

Han-soft Software Co. has released Auto Backup Software v. 2.4, an easy-to-use Windows application that makes it simple to back up your critical data. Tell Auto Backup Software which files you want to copy, where and when you want to copy them, and the program takes care of everything.
Auto Backup Software lets you define different tasks for backing up different sets of files. These tasks can be organized by category, such as daily backups, monthly archives, accounting files, and word processing documents. You can automatically schedule your backups for specific days of the week, hours of the day, or any desired time intervals. Files can be stored on any local fixed or removable disks, anywhere on the LAN, and even on a remote FTP server.
Restoring files is also easy. You can recreate them in their original location, or move them anywhere on your network. It’s simple to create self-restoring archives and perform a restoration with a single click. You can even restore files from the Windows shell.
Auto Backup Software supports integrated data compression with 256-bit encryption, as well as password protection. The archiving system lets you specify the life cycle length of backup archives. Automatically creating custom file names makes it easy to manage your collection of backup files. You have total control over how long each archive is kept before it is overwritten by a new backup archive.
Auto Backup Software has all of the features that you would expect in a high-end backup program. The program can work as a Windows NT4/2000/XP/2003 service. You can back up all files, or only files that have changed since your last backup. The program creates a detailed log showing what actions were taken. The multi-threaded backup, restore, and transfer engine allows you to start multiple backup and restoration processes at the same time.
You can perform a number of actions before or after you do your backups, including executing a command, sending an email, and turning off your computer after your backup operation is complete. Auto Backup Software hides in the system tray during automatic execution. The system tray pop-up menu gives you easy access to the program’s main functions.
Whether you’re a business manager who needs to make regular off-site backup copies of your data, a network administrator who is responsible for the security of your company’s computers, or a home user who understands the importance of making regular backups of critical data, Auto Backup Software has the tools that you need.
Auto Backup Software v. 2.4 runs on Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003, costs $28.95(US) for a single-user license, and may be purchased securely on Multi-user and site licenses are available. You can download a free 30-day trial version of Auto Backup Software from the same web address.