Apple Podcasting Chapter Tools

Dividing podcasts into chapters can be a great way for listeners to find the parts of your show that are most interesting to them. A number of tools help make the process of creating chapters easy. All of the software featured here creates chapters that are supported in the Apple Podcast app.

Overcast Forecast does more than just creating chapters for your podcast, it also does some handy things like finding long silences in your file, which is great if you’ve ever accidentally output a file that didn’t remove them. It also streamlines the process of marking your sponsor breaks, so you can easily share the segments with sponsors later.

Ferrite, which is an app for iPad and iPhone, is a better recording solution than many of the portable options I’ve seen. It also lets you create chapters as you edit your recording.

Podcast Chapters is a Mac app that does exactly what the name implies.

Vizzy Studio is an online solution that’s part of having a Vizzy account for creating and distributing your podcast.