YQSoft has released WinPIM version 8.0, a professional all-in-one Personal Information Manager (PIM) for Windows that makes it easy to manage your personal and business information and share them on the network.
WinPIM provides perfect balance between attractive interface and powerful features. Contact, Calendar, Tasks, Diary and Notes are all a breeze to set up and edit while offering a superb range of fields to play with. Not only you can create tree-view groups and drag & drop freely to organize a large number of Contacts, but also you can track the contacts. The Calendar and the Tasks makes your time usage more productive and more rewarding.
You can also drag and drop to schedule appointments or create to-do items, and the prioritized to do list helps you get everything done, including the items you did not finish yesterday. The Diary supports rich-text format contents, and has an easy tree index to navigate. You can store text, pictures, and even web pages to tree-view Note, and you can even stick the notes on your desktop.
WinPIM also gives you an easy and low cost network solution for sharing all data simultaneously with everyone in your workgroup. The easy multi-users system lets different people login the same data folder as different user ID with different access and level. Other features include stand alone Reminder, cell phone SMS messenger, and many more features to choose from. The WinPIM web site also provides a lot of additional schedule, holidays, reminder skins and powerful utilities for you to download free of charge.
You can download a fully-functional version of WinPIM to try with no missing or disabled features at