TurboFTP is an award-winning secure FTP client. It fully supports secure FTP over SSL/TLS and SFTP over SSH2. TurboFTP works seamlessly with an SSL/TLS based secure FTP server or an SSH2 server, offers server authentication, industrial strength encryption and integrity protection, thus protects your data over an insecure network. In addition, OTP S/Key password encryption, SSL/TLS public key authentication are supported. TurboFTP supports on-the-fly compression transfer mode MODE-Z.
TurboFTP is the pioneer of FTP automation. Its Sync Service Module (tftpsvc.exe) can run schedule tasks as generic NT service. With it scheduled FTP backup, mirroring, replication or synchronization, either one time or repeated, will be performed automatically in background and requires no user logon. In TurboFTP Sync Service, FTP automation can be achieved in many different ways: you can prepare a list of files (wildcard supported) to have TurboFTP transfer for you, you can synchronize a local and a remote folder using one of the six synchronization schemes, or you can use its Advanced Auto Upload feature to upload a file right after it is dropped in a local folder or modified. Sync Service Module supports multiple simultaneous schedule tasks and task dependency. You can have TurboFTP send you (and even multiple recipients) report through e-mail upon completion of each schedule task or only by error.
TurboFTP offers strong interruption and stall protection backed by various mechanisms like Auto Dial, Smart Keep Alive, Auto Reconnect and broken transfer resume. Connectivity is enhanced by support of many different types of firewall/proxy server, including HTTP proxy, application level FTP firewalls, SOCKS 4/4a and SOCKS 5 proxies.
TurboFTP 4.50 new features include support for Clear Command Channel in SSL/TLS based FTP, support for MODE-Z, and the Advanced Auto Upload feature in its Sync Service Module.
TurboFTP runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003. The trial version is fully functional and has a 30-day limit. A single user license of TurboFTP standard version costs $39.95(US). Price of license with Sync Service Module starts from $139. Volume discounts and site licenses are available. More details about pricing and ordering at http://www.turboftp.com/register.php
For more information and online tutorials of TurboFTP please visit http://www.turboftp.com/