Watermark Factory

Watermark Factory announces today the release of version 2.0 of the popular image -protection tool, supplied with new effects and image processing technologies. In its creation, the developers have put much emphasis on watermark quality and program functionality. And their efforts were not vain. The enhanced version of Watermark Factory does its job better and faster. Not only is the program flash-like fast, its new user interface is amazingly comfortable to work with.
Watermark protection has earned the reputation of the most effective weapon against copyright abuse. This time-proven solution acquires a new meaning in Watermark Factory. Elegant, yet highly functional, Watermark Factory v2.0 helps you to create a visible protection without destroying the overall aesthetic impression of an image. It gives you a set of precision tools, which enable you to create a smart-looking text or a logo watermark, and then integrate it into your image. Once your watermark is created and saved, you can easily retrieve it and use it again with the help of just a couple of clicks. The program operates with single images, as well as with image folders, and that is why for those who process images in the line of duty it would be a huge load off their mind.
A number of visual effects for both text and logos, along with a choice of positioning modes will help you to make a watermark befitting your image. Besides traditional text formatting options, Watermark Factory v2.0 allows adjusting opacity and offers effects for shading, embossing, and engraving. As for a logo, you can emboss the image and make it opaque to different degrees. The anti-aliasing technology implemented in the program will make your watermark crystal-clear. Three modes of positioning allow the user to adjust the watermark position according to the image size and margins, and set a desired tilt angle. These useful features provide an endless choice of styles and help to better integrate your watermark into an image.
“Watermark Factory is a tool for batch copyright protection of high-quality images,” says James Thornton, PRO of the company. “Its features meet the requirements of professional image processing. At the same time, the interface remains as comprehensible as possible so that all users who wish to protect their intellectual property could do it easily. The new major version of Watermark Factory offers improved image encoding function, expanded formatting options and the multilayer watermarking feature. Some other improvements were suggested by our users. All these changes aim to save time and efforts of users and provide them with the most advanced protective options.”

Some of the Watermark Factory v2.0 Features

  • Multi-line text watermarks support;
  • Support for logo and multi-layer watermarks;
  • A choice of text and logo formats, visual effects and background settings;
  • High-quality anti-aliasing;
  • The “Manual,” “Auto-Fit,” and “Tile” positioning modes;
  • The ability to save watermarks as presets and use them later in other projects;
  • The Ability to add image-specific information, such as EXIF and IPTC, date, image size, file size and name;
  • High-quality JPEG encoding, smooth and progressive encoding;
  • Improved intuitive interface.

Availability and Pricing

Watermark Factory v2.0 runs under Windows 95/98/XP/NT/2003 platforms and costs $29.95 USD (25% discount off the regular price of $40 USD for the duration of the launching campaign) for a single user licence and $79.95 USD for a business licence. Free technical support and minor upgrades are available to all registered users. A free trial version can be downloaded at http://www.watermarkfactory.com