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Tim asks, “I watch a ton of movies from the Internet and most of them have this annoying DivX Video logo in the bottom corner. Is there anyway to get rid of that logo without redownloading or re-editing the files?”
By default every movie encoded using Dr. DivX or the newer DivX Create Bundle displays a watermark during the first few seconds of playback. In theory this is great free advertising for DivX which introduces a bunch of new eyes to their encoding product. Who knows if it actually works. Occasionally that watermark gets in the way of things like subtitles but it’s generally harmless. If you’re annoyed by it, DivX offers a fairly simple method for making it go away.
For versions 5 and 6 of the DivX codec, you find the watermark configuration in the same location. From the Start menu, choose All Programs and navigate to:
DivX > DivX Codec > Decoder Configuration Utility
To disable the watermark in DivX version 5, check the box next to Disable Logo on the Quality Settings tab.

For version 6 it’s necessary to uncheck the box next to Show DivX logo watermark on the Toolbar tab.

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