Download VoDMaker
VoDMaker is an awesome screen recorder, with brain dead simple configuration and knockout image quality. It records audio and video simultaneously, either grabbing the full screen, a selected portion or an auto-selected image area. You choose from any of the available AVI codecs on your system, including DivX, XviD and Microsoft MPEG-4 v3. My only complaint is a 10fps maximum, which leaves motion slightly choppy, but not unbearable. If you’ve got a favorite streaming site, this is a convenient way to take streaming video footage to go at slightly less than original quality. Finished movies can be tweaked in the video editor of your choice. Yes, there are several free apps for onscreen capture, but none are reliable. Camtasia certainly outshines VoDMaker on features and full motion capture, but at fifteen times the price. If what you want is portability and crystal sound quality from a screen recording, coupled with the option to do excellent application how-tos, you can’t go wrong with the affordably priced VoDMaker. [Windows 2k/XP $19.00]
View a sample video recorded with VoDMaker, which is a capture of the hi-res version of Prey Alone.