MediaBlab Reloaded

Update: I’m taking the MediaBlab forums down. Despite having what was supposedly the latest code for phpBB installed, the forums got hacked. I don’t have the resources to combat the constant string of attacks associated with that particular forum suite, so I’m taking the forums down. It’s unfortunate, but necessary.
As part of the forum relaunch in September, I planned on doing a series of giveaways. If you already posted in the forums, please send me an email telling me what your forum ID was, so I can give you credit for posting as part of the giveaway. If you didn’t post, but still want to win free stuff, send me a tech question to answer using the feedback link in the sidebar and you are automatically in the running to get somethign from the first round of goodies come from my friends at Digital Juice. I’ve mentioned their Jump Backs video backgrounds and royalty free audio products in the past; they continue to make the best animated backgrounds in television with credits ranging from Comedy Central to America’s Most Wanted to MTV. With a client list like that, you might expect the prices to be outrageous – they aren’t. If you want to make your movies and video projects look professional, Digital Juice is easily the best way to spend your money.
Of course, video animations aren’t their only business. The other really cool product in their portfolio is the Juice Drops series of layered Photoshop files. At 100 to a set, these are themed image files meant to spice up print page layouts the same way the animated video backgrounds enhance movie projects. Web Digital Juice also sells a great collection of stock footage and royalty free background music tracks.
I realize I’m sounding like a big Digital Juice commercial here, but I can assure you I’m not getting paid for my opinions. This is really a giant apology for shutting down the forums less than a month after relaunch. Check out the samples and make up your own mind. To see what I’m giving away to people who email me a tech question, specifically examine the samples in Juice Drops templateCUTS, lifeSHADES andfreshFORM. From the Jump Backs collection, see the demos for Global Impact, High Impact VIII and Subtle Impact.
Don’t forget, send me an email using the sidebar link to get one of these great creativity collections.