Download Morpheus
Turn your neighbor’s cat into a rutabaga. Put your sister’s face on the family goldfish. Become a Seattle Mariners slugger with some photo trickery. Morphing can be clever or cruel, either way, it’s irresistible. Morphing takes some practice to master the basics, but Morpheus offers solid tutorials to get you started. With a few trial runs under your belt, make use of features like AVI support, key framing and dot delay, for use in movie morphs (available in the pro version). A preview feature lets you check out individual morph frames, before they happen, making it easier to create a seamless morph. Also to new to this version, a built in method for sharing your morph creations via e-mail and zooming for easier manipulation of larger images. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $29.95/49.95]