Exsate DV Capture Live

Download DV Capture Live
Sometimes after recording footage with your digital video camera you just want a video file to playback. Dealing with an editing app is more trouble than its worth. Exsate DV Capture Live imports video from a DV cam and automatically saves the footage as an AVI or WMV. Options include video timestamping, full tape import and scene-by-scene capture and encoding. One of the slickest features is the option to append the current footage to an existing file, automating the process of combining multiple tapes. The companion Exsate VideoExpress will automatically add video to the front and back of imported projects and apply previously configured settings to your movies automatically, saving you time for repetitive tasks. DV Capture Live won’t eliminate any time from projects that require editing, but for simple tape-to-digital transfers, this is a solid alternative to dealing with video editing apps. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]