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FreePicGrabber Wouldn’t it be great to instantly search and download thousands of pictures or videos from the Internet, after entering only one or two search words? Then scan the pictures and videos, watching slide shows or playing the results with one click of your mouse.

FreePicGrabber makes this possible. Utilizing proprietary technology to search the Web, intelligently looking for pictures and videos that best match your search words, FreePicGrabber finds thousands of pictures quickly and efficiently. Results are organized by Stock Photos, Clip Art, Global Search Results and other specific categories. The program first downloads thumbnail images of each picture or video. You scan through and decide what you want to keep, then FreePicGrabber downloads the full-sized photos and videos to your hard drive. Simply move your mouse over the thumbnails to see their full-sized versions on the left, or double-click to watch full-screen slide shows.

FreePicGrabber is accessible directly from Internet Explorer, enabling you to type queries while browsing. It also runs as a separate application. The software manages multiple simultaneous searches and downloads. An optional Parental Control filter is available for blocking content from adult and offensive Web sites.

FreePicGrabberAs a Bonus Feature, FreePicGrabber 3.2 includes Web Gallery Grabber for downloading image gallery pages while surfing the Web. From any gallery Web page with a table of thumbnails, simply click a button and all linked photos or videos are immediately downloaded to a folder of your choice. No banners or unwanted pictures. Patent-pending IntelliGrab technology grabs only the files you want. Don’t waste any more time! Download the free trial of FreePicGrabber today. If you like it, upgrade for just $24.95 to the full version!

Key FreePicGrabber Features

  • Bonus: Web Gallery Grabber downloads photo galleries instantly
  • Thumbnail mode for quickly viewing and managing photo results quickly and easily.
  • Search on any word or phrase and get thousands of image results
  • Built in full-screen Slideshow viewer
  • Instantly preview images by hovering your mouse over them.
  • Optional Parental Control blocking for adult and erotic content.
  • Searches all common image formats (JPEG, GIF, PNG)
  • Locates most movie formats (MPEG, AVI, MOV)

 Try FreePicGrabber free!
 Order FreePicGrabber for $24.95