Sony PSP Adds WMA Support

Download Sony PlayStation Portable WMA Support
This one only matters to Sony PSP owners, but it’s another reason to get a PSP (at least in my mind). WMA playback adds support for a more efficient audio codec than what is possible using MP3, which is important for fitting more songs on those over-priced Memory Sticks. After upgrading to the latest firmware update, you’ll see an option on the System Settings menu to Enable WMA Playback. Select this option and the onscreen instructions will guide you to a WMA-enabled experience. No support yet for PlaysForSure content, but enabling WMA support is a step in the right direction. Keep in mind, updating the PSP firmware likely renders any emulator hacks you may be using, so if you prefer hackability over standard features, living without WMA support may be necessary. [PSP Required $0.00]