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While there’s plenty of debate suggesting XviD does better job of encoding files with a similar AVI MPEG-4 wrapper than the DivX company does themselves, the tools DivX releases are generally more user friendly. If you ever encoded a movie with the original Dr. DivX, using one of the default settings, you are already well aware of just how simply converting a movie from any format to DivX is. Awhile back, DivX changed their software line-up, kicking Dr. DivX to the curb in favor of the new and improved DivX Create bundle, which includes a bunch of drag and burn tools for easily converting video to DivX. If you don’t feel inclined to spend the $20 for DivX Create, you can still get most of the functionality using the newly free Dr DivX 2.0. The software has a few kinks, but generally provides the familiar easy to navigate interface for converting video files. If you get confused by all the options in other open source video conversion apps, Dr. DivX 2.0 beta will take some of the confusion out of conversion. [Windows XP $0.00]