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Printing paper versions of registration information, order confirmations and map directions really starts to pile up the stacks of paper. In most cases, I simply print to PDF when I want to keep track of any important details. My files are automatically backed up every few hours, so I always have a spare copy and if I really need a paper version, I can create one from the PDF. Otherwise, I’ve saved a piece of paper from the shredder and don’t risk losing the data in a stack of household clutter. BullZip PDF Printer is a free solution for creating PDF files from any application in Windows. Instead of printing to a sheet of paper, use PDF Printer to create a digital replica of the information you need to store. The software requires the free Ghostscript PostScript to PDF converter, allowing for output to append an existing PDF, create a new PDF, and automated printing using batch processing. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]