Google Maps for Windows Media Center

Surf the globe from the comfort of your couch by combining Google Maps with the Windows Media Center interface. Colin Savage hacked together a solution combining the Google Maps API and the Windows Media Center SDK to make a map surfable from the 10-foot experience. Up and down buttons on the MCE remote control move you around the globe with the channel buttons zooming in for a close up. Numbers 1, 2, and 3 switch between map view, satellite view and hybrid view respectively. To add Google Map functionality to your own Media Center install, add a shortcut Google Maps in the More Programs section by right-clicking this Media Center Google Maps link and Save Target As to: {system drive}\Documents and Settings\All users\Start Menu\Programs\Accessories\Media Center\Media Center Programs\
If saved properly, you should see the Google Maps button in your Media Center navigation like the one below. If you have an Xbox 360 as Media Center Extender, you can browse the world from your Xbox too.

You can also navigate the map online here: