DocuPen RC800

Rob Bushway over at is giving away a DocuPen RC800 handheld scanner. To be eligible, simply answer the following question over at How would a pen based scanner like the RC800 impact your digital lifestyle? The entry deadline is 3 February 2006.

The idea of a pen sized scanner like the DocuPen RC800 isn’t new; several previous entrants in the market existed. The big difference is this one actually works quite well. 24-bit scanning at 100-400dpi provides enough detail for scanning text from a page, saving time in recopying data or processing something you got in print format that might be better stored digitally. Both color and black-and-white scanning are supported. One big advantage over other micro-scanners is the ability to scan full page width, dramatically reducing the time it takes to scan in data using a handheld device. A variety of colors are available to match your office attire. If you upgrade the memory using a miniSD card, the amount of available storage in the pen unit increases dramatically. Bundled software provides accurate optical character recognition to convert documents to usable text. At $299 list price, the DocuPen isn’t cheap, but it’s certainly more convenient than toting a flatbed with you to meetings.
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