Download DVDslideshowGUI
I won’t use anything other than Sonic MyDVD for creating DVD slideshows because they managed to bump the standard limitation of 99 slides per show all the way to 1000. While I don’t typically need a 1000 image slideshow, 99 slides can be very limiting and is a huge waste of space on a 4.3GB DVD. If you’re looking for a free DVD slideshow authoring alternative, DVDslideshowGUI may be just what you need. The app is a little rough around the edges, but it’s effective at putting together a slideshow if you’re on a budget. All the requiste tools are included like adding Ken Burns style pan and zoom to images, support for backgrounds and music, text titling of photos, transition effects and the necessary step of exporting your finished slideshow for DVD. A television safe viewing guide helps avoid getting your images cropped on screen due to overscan issues. If you want to add a slideshow to a DVD authored using DVDAuthorgui, you need DVDslideshowGUI. [Windows 2k/XP $0.00]