Easy CD and DVD Cover Creator

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For an affordable, easy to use solution for creating CD inserts, DVD covers, replacement graphics for your Xbox and PS2 games and the occasional CD stick-on label, Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator looks like a hit. The user interface makes it simple to import any image and crop it to fit the intended purpose. The app is bundled with some simple templates for creating case designs and you get additional free artwork after registration. The only big negative is you have to manually add song details to the track listing rather than importing a playlist, still for $10, Easy CD & DVD Cover Creator represents one of the easiest solutions I’ve found for quickly creating clam shell and jewel case artwork. The trial includes a purchase nag on closing the app. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $9.95]
If you want additional features like playlist importing, take a look at Acoustica CD/DVD Label Maker