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One of the biggest problems with using Flash as a video distribution format is playback options. It was originally meant for the Web browser. You don’t get desktop thumbnails like you do with WMV or MOV files. Media apps don’t generally recognize Flash files as something to categorize as part of a media library, which further makes using Flash inconvenient as a desktop media solution. There are apps like FLV Player to facilitate local playback, but in general it’s a hassle. SWF.max helps with this problem, providing an thumbnail browser for viewing SWF files on your system. You can build and save playlists with SWF.max. A fullscreen mode plays files like a traditional media player, including navigation features common to traditional media players like QuickTime Player and Windows Media Player. And you can turn any SWF file on your computer into a screensaver from SWF.max. If you’re a big fan of Flash cartoons or create your own SWF presentations, this is a must have media app. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $14.95]