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One of the things I find frustrating while I’m working is getting a phone call, locating the phone, and discovering that I didn’t really want to answer the call in the first place. One solution to my dilemma is to incorporate caller ID directly onscreen so I don’t need to step away from my computer for something I never wanted in the first place. PhoneTray provides my solution displaying caller ID, identifying specific types of calls with custom ringtones and rejecting the calls I don’t want. If you know a call is from a telemarketer, PhoneTray can play a custom message telling them to remove you from their list or simply block their call. You need a modem with voice support connected to your phone service for PhoneTray to work and you also need to subscribe to the caller ID service from your carrier, which is standard in most phone plans these days. The only downside I see is lack of support for Vonage type VoIP solutions due to the modem requirement. A Dialup version of PhoneTray of the software adds Internet call waiting for a small fee. [Windows 9x/2k/XP $0.00]

By Jake

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