How to Make Chopsticks

I love a wide variety of Asian foods. Whether it’s Japanese, Chinese, Korean, the best restaurants serving Asian cuisine don’t offer you the option of using a fork – it’s chopsticks or nothing. This is a little more complicated when my four-year-old son comes along, because he still hasn’t quite figured out how to use chopsticks.

A great little noodle house around the corner from my house presented the solution the day they brought out a pair of chopsticks modified to be kid-friendly. To help other people who might run into this same chopsticks problem, I put together a short video on how to make chopsticks for kids. All you need is some of those wooden chopsticks that come in a paper sleeve and a thin rubber band. The video tells the rest of the story.

For those that might be curious, the font I used is called Chinese Takeaway from the free fonts collection at The music is parts of two traditional Chinese pieces which loosely translate to Fishing Boats Return and Rain falling on Ba Jiao.

By Jake

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