RSS Feed Update and Traveling by Train in China

I made a couple of tweaks to the RSS feed in order to easily incorporate coverage of DEMO China in my main feed. The conference officially starts tomorrow and I’ll be there assuming my train ticket from Beijing to Taida is the correct location. There seems to be a disconnect between the English spelling of Tianjin TEDA (which is an acronym for Technologic and Economic Development Area) and the location of Taida, which I’m told is the same thing by the Beijing train station. If this is really the case, you’d think the Marriott Website would have enough sense to communicate transportation options to potential customers. Unlike smaller chains, Marriott doesn’t seem to recognize they need to provide a Chinese Hanzi version of the address on the site so that taxi drivers can get you to the hotel.
Note to all hotel chains with properties in China: Include a printable address in Hanzi on your Website so that your guests can easily communicate with taxi drivers to get to your hotel. I have not met a single taxi driver in China that reads English. They all read Chinese Hanzi characters. A card with an address to the hotel on the back is great once you get to the hotel (like NOVOTEL example below), but before I arrive I need a way to communicate easily.

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